Depending on the product or service you’re advertising, the ad network or networks you choose to use may vary.

Here are some ways to decide which ad network is best for you:


Advertise where your audience is. Is your audience on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat? Is your audience on YouTube? What websites does your audience visit? This is the first place to start.


Different ad networks allow you to target your ads differently.

Google Ads: You can target based on the location of your audience. You can target keywords people search for on Google, have your banner ads show up on websites you choose, and play your YouTube videos as ads in front of YouTube videos you specify. You can also show up on websites or in front of YouTube videos of a certain category based on Google’s determination.

Facebook Ads/Instagram Ads: You can target based on the location of your audience (where they currently are, if they are vacationing there, if they live there). You can target based on the pages someone likes, based on their demographics, and based on their industry/job title. While you can get specific with your audience, I’ve had the most success just targeting based on location and letting Facebook optimize who it shows my ad to by optimizing for leads or conversions.

LinkedIn Ads: You can target based on job title, city, and even years experience.

SnapChat: You can target based on interests, location, and other demographics.

Ad Format

Different ad networks let you use different ad formats.

Google Ads: Text ads, Image Banner Ads, YouTube Video Ads

Facebook Ads/Instagram Ads: Text Ads, Image Ads, Carousel Ads (multiple images someone can click through), Video Ads, Lead Ads (where an opt in box pops up directly in Facebook)

LinkedIn Ads: Text Ads, Image Ads, Video Ads, Sponsored InMails (where you can send people in your target market messages to their LinkedIn inbox), Lead Ads (where an opt in box pops up directly in LinkedIn)

SnapChat: Image Ads, Video Ads

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Depending on the ad network, it will cost different amounts per lead, per website visitor, per sale. Some ad networks cost less than others, though maybe their targeting options might not be as effective as the more expensive ad networks.

Lead Quality/Purchase Cycle

When you put an ad in front of someone, where are they in the purchase cycle? Are they a few months away from buying your product or service or are they ready to buy right now? Either way, you should first get them as a lead and then market to them until they opt-out of your marketing communications or they buy. Sometimes the cost per click can be really high on Google, but the leads are further along in the purchase cycle and are ready to buy.


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