When you advertise online, the more times you contact your prospect, the more they will remember your message. By contacting them over time, providing valuable information and recommendations, a prospect will be more likely to buy.


With advertising, the more targeted the audience, the fewer (but more qualified) people you are trying to reach. While you can try to target people based on specific interests and behaviors, with general advertising, you will reach people who are not interested in what you have to offer.


While you can create audiences around who has clicked on your Facebook ads, who has watched over 50% of your videos, who has visited your website, etc, and advertise to these audiences, it still costs money to advertise to these audiences. Though it is typically worth it to do so.


The most affordable way to continually contact your prospect over time, provide valuable information and recommendations, and make sales pitches to your audience is through an email newsletter.


This is why your goal should always be leads. By getting leads (even if you want to sell products directly online), you can follow up with leads, provide information and typically get more sales of your products than by directly advertising your sales page.


Now when you go to get leads, the minimum you should ask for is the lead’s email address. I recommend also asking for the lead’s first name to be able to personalize emails to them. You can also ask for a phone number (typically though I would make this field optional and only put this field on a form where someone gets a free report, free trial, or free benefit).


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